C-DASH is an intelligent dashboard that helps business leaders understand what is working and what isn’t by providing a holistic view of business performance across all activities. You can track metrics, KPIs, and other important data points related to your business, department, or particular process. Via the use of data visualisations, C-DASH simplifies multifaceted data sets to provide users with at-a-glance understanding of existing performance.

  • Data Consolidation - C-DASH offers connectors to common business data sources and tools for extracting and harmonising data from multiple channels.
  • Real-Time Analytics - Measure the impact of real-time work on teams and business goals, stimulating continuous improvement in digital operations towards greater success.
  • Visualisations - Get the information and insights in an easy-to-understand format that can be exported to any other tool you use.You can leverage flexible data visualisations to compare key metrics to industry benchmarks or teams to company averages.
  • Team Collaboration - It’s equipped with collaboration tools that allow your teams to work together on achieving their goals and KPIs.
  • Performance Monitoring- Monitor the performance of teams and services and ensure they are heading in the right direction.Get insight into how your organisation can improve its process and seek measurable business outcomes.
  • Risk Monitoring - Stay updated with the current status of quality, production, capacity utilisation, and resource usage. C-DASH clearly highlights issues with just a few clicks.You can easily discover the root cause and drill down to see any error message.
  • Out of the Box Solution - As a fully-managed solution, it is ready to use out of the box –removing the time, cost, and frustration commonly associated with developing and maintaining comprehensive business reporting.

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